Outdoor and Environmental School Camps | Alfriston visits Raglan

Last week Alfriston College visited Raglan for the second time this year. They were lucky with the weather, the kids were able to enjoy all their activities underneath the blazing sun. To say they had a busy schedule is an understatement, they really wanted to get the most out of their trip and visit as many of the activities as possible. They surfed at Raglan Beach, biked up to the Te Uku Windfarm, learned about recycling at Xtreme Waste, gardened at a community Garden of the Environmental Centre en if they would not have run out of time, they would have also visited Kai Whenua. WOW! At the end of their trips the kids and teachers were stoked with the abundance of fun and interesting programmes, our beautiful Karioi Lodge and the beautiful weather Raglan provided for them. We will be seeing more of Alfriston!




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