Nitro EELS Aquaculture Ponds

The “Nitro EELS” system was conceived to create new, highly productive ecosystems constructed using NZ native plants and animals supercharged by farm nitrate runoff. The Raglan EELS Ltd. intellectual property was developed to build and manage aquaculture ponds so they replicate prime wetland ecosystem functions for whitebait spawning and EEL rearing habitat.

Nitro EELS System

The primary goal of the “Nitro EELS” original proof-of-concept water management system has been to develop sustainable fisheries while achieving significant nitrogen and e-coli mitigation for farming and urban activities. This goal has been realised by harvesting valuable juvenile fish (whitebait, eels and mullet) attracted to the system’s zoo-plankton-rich discharges and then growing them to […]

Farm Drain Aquaculture

The Raglan EELS scientists have investigated techniques for recovering and utilising the nutrients inevitably lost into waterways.  If ecological restoration targets for our diminished and degraded lowland NZ waterways are to be realised, collection and management of nutrient-rich farm drainage so that it supports healthy, productive and valuable fish life BEFORE it leaves the farm […]