Wahine Moe – the floating classroom

Key Concepts
? Biodiversity in a coastal environment
? Orca’s and Maui dolphins
? Limestone Pancake Rock formations

Experience the Raglan/ Whaingaroa harbour and its many stunning features, views and stories aboard the 15 meter ‘Wahine Moe’. On this one of a kind vessel students discover beautiful empty beaches and coves. Among the beautiful views of the Raglan Harbour groups learn about coastal flora and fauna.

? Eat on board the boat, either BYO or we provide a healthy lunch.
?  A great combination with the EEL Farm and Kayak tour! Depending on the tide students can do the tour as following:
Wahine Moe to kayaks– kayak to EEL Farm – Eel Farm programmes
EEL Farm Programmes – kayak to Wahine Moe – Wahine Moe
These three activities can be combined into an awesome one day learning adventure!
? Dock on a pristine empty beach and share in the rich history of Te Akau