Alfriston visits Raglan

About two weeks ago the Auckland based Alfriston College visited us to participate in some of your amazing outdoor and environmental activities. During their three days in Raglantheir stayed at our beautiful Karioi Lodge, while driving from one place to the other, all within 15 minutes of their accommodation. To say that they were going for it is an understatement, they absolutely made every minute of their stay count. They rode up to the Te Uku Windfarm on mountain bikes, went surfing on New Zealand’s most famous surfing beach, visited an Eels Agriculture Farm, got inspired by Kaiwaka Riki at his organic farm, learned how Xtreme Waiste in Raglan recycles their waste and last but not least…they cruised around the harbour on our floating classroom the Wahine Moe.

We hope you all enjoyed your stay at our little paradise that is called Raglan. Hope to see you next time again!


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